Lebaran Traditions

Hey-ho!! Ramadan is about to leave soon... and Lebaran is coming ^_^ Oops... you don't know the meaning of Lebaran? Well, lebaran has the same meaning with Eid. It's a celebration day of the end of Ramadan, it such a big day for all muslim all over the world :) In the morning we will be praying, we mostly do that in the field, not in the mosque, just like what prophet Muhammad did. And after that, we're going back home and preparing ourselves and the snacks at home because here in Indonesia there's a tradition that we always do after we did Eid praying. What is that? It's a tradition of visiting the neighbors house to apologizing each other because in that day, we'll just be like a newborn person. Not just apologizing each other, but we also staying in their house for a moment to have chit-chat and eating the snacks that they made. There are some typical Lebaran cookies, and they're always available in every houses, like....


Madu Mongso
And these...
But I personally love...
Oh..Gosh.. I just can't wait for Thursday... >_< I'll gain weight soon!! hahaha bye bye 43, enough making me worried ... 

After visiting neighbors' house, Indonesian families often gathering at one of their relative's house. There, they will meet the whole family members of their own, and having a little chit-chat about their ramadan, their holidays, while having breakfast together. In lebaran, there are 2 kinds of food that must be available. They are...

(click the word above to find out)
Opor Ayam
(click the word above to find out)

Most Indonesian families also having another tradition that always do in Lebaran. It's called 'Sungkeman' tradition, I have no idea what is it called in English term. Well, sungkeman is a tradition of specific apologizing to each family members by kneeling and putting your forehead on the elder's people knees. While doing that, the younger person ought to say apologize with their heartfelt to the older person. Most people are automatically crying in this moment. Because I think they're realizing and remembering that they had too much faults in the past and did many things wrong to the older people in the family. I challenged myself not to cry when I did sungkeman last year, at the first time I almost did, but when I looked into my mom and my dad's eyes and hearing their voice saying sorry to me, I can't help those tears falling down on my cheeks.. Aww.. This is the very important moment of Lebaran, I think.. 

Sugkeman moment
Hey look! Even the Indonesian President
also do the Sungkeman

Lebaran is the best and the most waiting day for all muslims. On the last night of Ramadan , some of us having firework party.. and some of us just staying at home, or do the praying for the blessing night. some of us just being busy preparing for Eid praying. On lebaran we mostly use white clothes. But nowadays, some families like mine usually making a different dress-code, like.. last year, my family wore batik clothes for lebaran, I think this year we'll be wearing white again :)

So, another thing that people love about Lebaran is... Visiting families house! For Indonesians, mostly kids and teenagers they love this time. Why? It's not just because they can meet they long-distance family members, but they will also get 'money pocket' that we call it 'salam tempel'. It's a tradition for the elders of the family, give away some money to the younger people in the family by putting it in the small cute envelopes. Though sometimes the money isn't that much, but what makes it cool is all the money is still straight and smells like fresh money that just came out from the bank! hahaha!! I'm actually not a kid anymore, so I actually don't deserve to receive that money pocket from my families, but since I'm still unemployed, and I'm about to go to the Uni, I might get much more than my sister will get. :D hmm... can't wait for that.... hahaha *evil laugh*

Oh look! They're counting their
money pocket earning....

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